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Here at Wellbeing Massage Co we want you to feel good. We want you to have that spring in your step everyday. 

Our aim is to keep people moving, stay supple and guide you in the right direction to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

We understand that every mind and body is different, our lifestyles and exercise habits are individual to ourselves.

Which is why, in our treatments, we use a variety of different techniques from an array of different massage styles to get you the best possible results.

Plus, we're great listeners - something we find is vital to being a great massage therapist. Couple that with a thorough consultation process and we'll guarantee you'll walk out feeling fantastic.


Meet your therapist

Steph is a UK qualified sports massage therapist and has been practising for 14 years. What lead her into a career in massage? Her nature of wanting to care for and help people; a real passion for health and exercise and looking after the most important thing in all our lives - our incredible human body. 

During her career, Steph has worked closely with other health professionals within gyms and physiotherapy clinics. From this, she has gained a wide range of knowledge which has allowed her to work with professional athletes as well as the everyday person.

As an avid runner and exercise junkie, she understands very well your need of wanting to stay pain and injury free whether from your sport or everyday occupational stresses. 

So come down and say hi, she can't wait to meet you.


Massage treatments


We use a variety of techniques from different styles of massage, but this quick reference guide gives you an idea of the key benefits of each style.

We will always check the pressure with you to make sure it's comfortable, but some styles are lighter and deeper than others. Here's what to expect:


Sports Massage

A firm/deeper pressure especially when we use trigger point therapy. This can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable. We use deep breathing techniques to help you with this deeper pressure so you get the best benefits from your massage.


Deep tissue massage

A medium to firm pressure, usually with slower longer movements than a sports massage. No pain should be felt.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

A very light pressure. Small circular and long drainage movements are used to remove waste product from the tissues.

Communication between the therapist and client is key to how effective the massage will be, so please always be vocal with us about how your feeling during the treatment.


What type of massage do I need?


Pricing and booking


90 minutes   $115

60 minutes   $80

45 minutes   $65

30 minutes   $45



60-90 minutes
for full body and MLD (for a full MLD treatment, please book for 90mins)

45-60 minutes
is ideal for 2-3 small areas e.g full back from glutes to neck

30 minutes
is sufficient time to treat one problem area e.g glutes/lower back


Appointment availability

Papamoa - Mon/Wed/Thurs evenings: please email or text to book

Total Rehab Physio, Brookfield - Friday: 10am - 8pm - online booking available

 workplace wellbeing

Have you ever considered the impact your employees physical & mental health may be having on your organisation?

A survey conducted by Southern Cross Health Society and BusinessNZ in 2017 found that wellness has a sizeable impact on productivity. With most enterprises experiencing a noticeable drop in output when staff are unwell and under stress. In 2016 New Zealand lost an average of 6.6 billion working days to absence and that level of absence comes with a significant cost to the economy - around $1.51 billion in 2016 and $1.41 billion a year on average over the past five years. An absent employee typically costs their employer $600 - $1000 a year and takes off an average of 4.5 - 5 sick days a year. 

How do Workplace Wellbeing Programmes help?

Because of this, workplace wellbeing programmes are becoming increasingly popular to help employers intervene with their employees mental and physical health and wellbeing. Reported key benefits of these programmes include:

- Improved retention and attraction of employees

- Reduced sick days due to less stress and injury

- Improved employee commitment arising from recognition programmes

- Improved productivity associated with a positive workplace culture

- Improved job satisfaction and enhanced self esteem

Soft tissue manipulation through massage therapy is proven to help reduce occupational and postural stresses on the body. Massage is also a great way of allowing a person to reach a deeper state of relaxation which can be extremely effective in helping reduce stress levels, boosting energy and productivity within an individual.

Contact us today to request more information about our workplace wellbeing programmes.




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